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Client Reviews

Brian Dougherty is a consummate professional. He is through, knowledgeable, reassuring, and kind. He has provided assistance and guidance to me and my family when we needed it most. I don’t know what we would have done without him. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Jennifer A. 10/24/2020

I had a brain injury on 2015 and I hired a lawyer that didn’t try to get me treatment at all and wanted to settle for 600k. A year later I met Michael Rott and he promised me my treatment and a better settlement. Just as promised, he got all treatment I needed, transportation, homecare, and an electric wheelchair. We always had great and fast communication. He is such a nice person; I’ll be forever thankful he settled my case for 2 million including a life pension. Don’t think twice to hire him he will get you every penny your case is worth. I definitely recommend him top lawyer in San Diego for worker’s compensation.
— Patricio 06/02/2020

I had a brain injury on March 2015 and I hired a lawyer who wanted to settle my case for 600k without getting treatment first. Then I met Matthew Blancato, he got all the treatment I needed, plus 2 million settlement including a life pension, he answered all my questions with fast communication. He is the best lawyer on worker’s compensation cases. I definitely recommend him, he will get you what your case is worth. Matt will fight for your treatment and every penny you deserve. Im so blessed god put Matthew in my way.
— Juan L. 05/27/2020

We needed some advice when my husband was recently laid off. Brian Dougherty was super knowledgeable, compassionate and full of advice. He helped us navigate through this time of our lives.
— Tiffany F. 04/11/2020

Mr. Ring made this very stressful process very easy and comfortable and professional. He explained everything to me and was very quick to respond when I had any questions or concerns and helped me. I would highly recommend him.
— Shirley G. 09/19/2019

David Hiden is the consummate professional when providing legal services and advisement. He has been quite accessible, understanding, and supportive of me through a personal court case. I strongly recommend the awesome services he provides to his clients. He has continued to support me whenever I have questions or concerns.
— Ydur C. 09/10/2019

This law firm was such a pleasure to work with. Michael Rott was so professional and at the same time showed me a great deal of compassion. They did exactly what they said they would do and in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend this firm.
— Eleanor J. 08/09/2019

I would recommend Mr. Rott. He is very friendly, open and honest, he answered all my questions and is on top of every situation and gets things done!
– Drew H. 4/17/2017

Excellent attorney!! He handled the case professionally. He is considerate of my feeling. He is also very efficient. I highly recommend him.
– Tony, 1/17/2017

An attorney you can trust. He was very honest on a situation that was going to be very difficult to move forward with. He didn’t take advantage of us. The law firm was very professional and a great team of people.
– Cristina 5/2/2016