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Most Bus and Metro Accidents Involve Municipal Entities

While buses and metros might be some of the safest modes of transport, they are still involved in accidents, which lead to passengers being injured. If you, or a loved one, sustain injuries in an accident while riding the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, North County District Transit, a school bus or a private bus, a bus/metro accident attorney from Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP, could ensure you are fairly compensated for your pain and suffering, lost earnings, medical expenses and more.

As buses, trains and several other modes of transport are classified as common carriers, meaning they are subject to special laws obliging them to provide a high standard of care when operating their systems, the bus company will be liable for your injuries in most cases. However, it is notoriously difficult to secure damages from a San Diego bus company, unless you have a relevant legal knowledge and experience of handling similar scenarios.

At Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP, our San Diego bus/metro attorneys have the expertise needed to provide the legal guidance and support necessary to help you throughout the full lifecycle of your motor vehicle accident case.

Causes of Bus/Metro Accidents in San Diego, and Who Is at Fault

While the bus company does have a particularly strong duty of care toward passengers, collisions will not always be their fault. Our San Diego bus/metro accident attorney outlines some common causes of public transit accidents in the city, as well as who may be held accountable in each situation. It is important to bear in mind that this is provided for general information only, and is intended neither as a definitive guide, nor as legal advice.

  • Drunk or distracted driving — these could be the fault of either the bus driver, or another motorist, depending on the circumstances
  • Driving at excessive speed, or otherwise recklessly — the motorist who is displaying this behavior will be responsible for any resulting injuries
  • Driver fatigue — in this instance, either the bus company or the driver may be at fault. Liability lies with the bus company where their scheduling has caused the driver’s fatigue, through failing to allow sufficient breaks and rest time
  • Insufficient driver training and experience — this will normally be the fault of the bus company employing the driver
  • Poor road conditions — the body responsible for maintaining the roads may be liable in this instance
  • Poorly maintained bus — the bus company, or entity responsible for maintaining the bus will generally be liable for a San Diego bus/metro accident resulting from this scenario

Whatever the circumstances surrounding your bus/metro accident, it is strongly recommended that you speak to a San Diego attorney immediately to maximize your likelihood of recovering full compensation.

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There is a strict statute of limitations applicable to claims arising from bus and metro accidents in San Diego, meaning you have a limited time in which you can file a suit. To ensure you do not miss out on the compensation you deserve, call us today on 619-369-3323 or email us to schedule for free initial consultation.