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Burn Injuries Require Extensive Medical Care

Anyone who has grabbed a hot kettle or eaten scalding-hot food knows how painful a minor burn can be. Unfortunately, some burns are much more severe and can lead to devastating consequences.

Sadly, serious burn injuries and burn-related deaths are fairly common. The American Burn Association found that 450,000 burn injuries require medical attention each year, with 40,000 requiring hospitalization.

In some cases, a burn injury may be a result of a simple accident, but if you have sustained an injury due to someone else’s negligence or intent, the following information may help you understand how to recover compensation. Our San Diego burn injury attorneys can help you bring legal action, such as a personal injury suit, to recover the damages you deserve.

Frequent Causes of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries may be sustained in a number of ways.

Below are some different types of burns:.

  • Thermal burns can result from explosions, direct contact with flames, and scalds from hot water or surfaces.
  • Chemical burns may result from contact with acids or alkali substances.
  • Electrical burns may be caused by either DC or AC current, often from faulty sockets or wires.
  • Radiological burns are caused by gamma, alpha or beta radiation.

Each of these sources has the potential to cause devastating injuries.

Common Symptoms of Burn Injuries

Depending on the type and severity of the burn injury, the patient may experience a variety of different symptoms. And in order to differentiate the severity of burns based on symptoms, there are four specific classifications.

The following is a description of the four classifications of burn injuries:.

  • First-degree burns affect only the outer layer of skin. The skin may appear red and dry, and healing may take a few days.
  • Second-degree burns may cause blisters and destroy the outer layer of the skin. Depending on the severity, this type of burn could take a few weeks to heal.
  • Third-degree burns cause the destruction of all layers of the skin, and extend into the subcutaneous tissue. The area may appear leathery and may require skin grafts. Healing can take months or longer.
  • Fourth-degree burns may extend deep into the muscle and bone. Healing may take months or longer.

Naturally, each burn injury is different and may require varying healing times depending on the specific nature. Share information about your injuries with our San Diego burn injury attorneys to explore liability so we can demonstrate the severity of your injuries and damages to which you’re entitled.

Our Attorneys Can Help Prove Liability for Your Injuries

In some cases, a burn injury may be nothing more than an accident (for example, if you burn your hand on the hood of your car on a hot day). In other cases, a burn may be the direct result of someone else’s negligent actions, for which you may be able to hold him or her liable.

In some cases, a defective product, such as a car or kitchen appliance, may lead to burn injuries, and individuals injured by such faulty products may be able to recover damages from the manufacturer or distributor.

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No matter how you sustained a severe burn injury, contact our burn injury lawyers in San Diego in the aftermath if another party is to blame. An attorney can help ensure that you file for damages within the two-year statute of limitations in California and will help you regain compensation to help pay for medical bills and future rehabilitation, as well as for any pain and suffering and scarring that you may have suffered.

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