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A dog is man’s best friend, but a dog is not everyman’s best friend. Even though the majority of dogs are gentle and loving there are plenty of people who do not like dogs. They have their reasons for the dislike and some are due to dog bite attacks. A dog can snap without notice, leading to some very severe injuries that can have a lasting impression on you and your loved ones. Even if the dog knows you and has been around you it can still attack you if provoked or for no reason at all. A Temecula dog bite attorney can review your medical records, speak to witnesses of the attack, and build a case for you.

Report a Dog Bite Attack Immediately

It is important to report a dog bite attack immediately. This should be done by calling 911. This will send police, fire, and EMS to the scene to investigate the attack and care for your injuries. The police will be able to write a report and call animal control. Animal control will respond and investigate the incident to the point where they will either take the dog with them or issue the owner a fine or a warning. If you fail to report the dog bite attack you will have trouble filing a lawsuit for compensation for your injuries.

Common Dog Bite Attack Injuries

Victims of dog bite attacks have suffered some of the following injuries that our attorneys have represented in court and in settlement negotiations:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Broken bones
  • Infections
  • Torn tendons, muscles, and ligaments
  • Scratches and lacerations
  • Permanent disfigurement and scarring
  • Rabies
  • Psychological and emotional trauma

Even if you think that the injuries suffered in the attack were minor you should still go to the hospital for evaluation and for the proper medications, including shots. You don’t want to wake up the day after the attack in a ton of pain and delay treatment. It could make the injuries worse than originally thought and hurt your chances of receiving compensation from the dog’s owner. A simple evaluation by a doctor in the emergency room can find serious injuries that might not present themselves right off the bat.

Pain and Suffering

The pain and suffering associated with a dog bite attack can last a lifetime. Dog bites turn dog lovers into people who are fearful of any size dog. Dealing with these emotions can make it very difficult to move forward with your life. Consider scheduling appointments with therapists who specialize in trauma caused by violent attacks so you learn how to cope with your emotions.

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