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3 times you shouldn’t ignore your work-related back pain

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Workplace Injury |

Nearly everyone has had to occasionally nurse a sore back after putting in a long day at work. Unfortunately, many are so accustomed to their back pain that they learn to ignore it and never see a doctor.

If you experience pain in your back after a workplace accident, always get a medical opinion to uncover its cause. Doing so can protect your spine health and lay the foundation for a successful workers’ compensation claim.

When should you seek a medical opinion?

Of course, it is possible to experience back pain without an accident. Occasional overuse can lead to discomfort, for example. However, that kind of pain usually fades with rest. If you recently had a work accident or believe the problem stems from your job, it is best not to ignore back pain.

Here are three times to see a doctor:

  1. Pain is severe and persistent. When your discomfort is continuous, a thorough medical examination is usually necessary. Those who ignore near non-stop pain often find it worsens and interferes with daily tasks, including work.
  2. Pain radiates to other regions. Doctors usually recommend a medical evaluation when back pain radiates to the legs or other areas. Radiating pain in the back is often a sign of spine or disc injuries, which typically require treatment to improve.
  3. Pain comes with weakness or tingling. Back pain accompanied by numbness, weakness or tingling may indicate a potentially severe injury. These symptoms often manifest when nerves in the spine suffer damage, such as during a fall or other workplace accident.

California has worker-friendly labor and workers’ compensation laws. Even so, there remains a risk that your claim could be denied unjustly. Legal guidance may help you resolve the matter and gain access to the benefits you deserve.