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Common mistakes workers make on ladders

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

In some industries, like construction, working on ladders is incredibly common. This can cause people to sometimes become complacent and forget about the real risks that they face. Falls from ladders can be extraordinarily dangerous.

To help workers stay safe, they need to consider the common mistakes people make so that they can avoid them. Below are three key examples.

Incorrect climbing practices

Workers who are climbing the ladder should always have three points of contact. Additionally, they should not carry equipment or tools. These need to be carried in a toolbelt, on a lift, in a bucket or in some other fashion, so that the worker can have both hands free.

Using the wrong ladder

Additionally, it’s important to note that ladders have very different purposes. Someone who tries to use a stepladder when they need an extension ladder may find that the job is very difficult. For example, step ladders tend to be shorter and so people will climb up to the very top rungs, which is dangerous. Extension ladders can reach the same point more safely.

Skipping daily checks

Finally, those who use ladders frequently may just forget to inspect the ladder before using it. They may not check the location to make sure that the latter is secure, simply trusting that it should be fine – even if someone else set it up. They may also neglect to read the warning and use information on the ladder, which should be reviewed periodically.

Unfortunately, even if workers are able to avoid these common mistakes, falls and injuries do still happen. Those who get hurt on the job need to know about the legal steps they can take to seek workers’ comp.