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Burn injuries can lead to complicated benefits claims

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2023 | Amputation |

Workers can theoretically obtain benefits whenever they get hurt on the job. Someone who falls and suffers of brain injury or someone struck by a piece of heavy machinery can easily make a claim for medical coverage and disability benefits following an incident at work.

Workers’ compensation can provide both medical benefits that cover someone’s treatment costs and disability pay. There are both permanent and temporary disability pay benefits, as well as total disability and partial disability benefits. Workers who need to take time off of work or to change professions can often count on disability benefits to help cover some of their lost wages.

Those with burn injuries may find themselves navigating particularly complicated workers’ compensation claims.

Burns are painful and expensive

If someone only suffers minor burns, possibly due to get grabbing a hot pan in a kitchen, they may only require a few days of leave and basic medical coverage. However, more severe burns may require more extensive support and a longer leave of absence from work.

It can be hard to predict the recovery timeline for someone who has third-degree burns or worse. Burn injuries often lead to severe infections and require ongoing medical supervision during someone’s recovery. People frequently need treatment after they recover physically to address scar tissue and help regain lost function.

Workers’ compensation can cover trauma care, physical therapy and even reconstructive surgery. It can also potentially cover mental health care, as post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues have a known correlation with work-related burn injuries. The more complicated someone’s case is and the more expensive it may become because of their burns, the harder it can become to successfully navigate the workers’ compensation claim process.

Settlements are dangerous in complicated cases

Those facing tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and career-ending or lifestyle-altering burn injuries that might feel relieved to receive a settlement offer when they seek workers’ compensation benefits. However, settlements could prove too low given the lifetime losses someone will likely experience.

Workers need to understand their prognosis and have a good understanding of the financial implications of their injuries if they hope to successfully negotiate a workers’ compensation claim. Bringing in professional help can make a big difference for those who need workers’ compensation benefits for a debilitating issue, like workplace burn injuries.