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The main risk when seeking compensation for devastating injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Personal Injury |

If you suffered a devastating injury at work, your life may never be the same. An amputation, spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury could cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in immediate medical bills, followed by lingering care costs for the rest of your life.

You probably already recognize that you can rely on workers’ compensation for many of your basic needs. The medical benefits available through workers’ compensation in California will cover your treatment costs for as long as you continue to have major symptoms or require care.

You may also qualify for disability benefits. When you are potentially eligible for permanent disability benefits through workers’ compensation, you may be at risk of one of the most common mistakes workers make in claims related to devastating injuries.

Workers settle for less than they should

A settlement is often a compromise for both parties. The insurance company has to hand over a large amount of money immediately, while the claimant gives up the right to seek future compensation.

It is quite common for settlement offers to fall below the true care costs and wage losses experienced by someone with a permanent, devastating injury. Especially when there is a settlement on offer, it is crucial for those bringing a sizable claim to have the right support.

How professional help makes a difference

One of the most important ways that a lawyer can help someone filing for workers’ compensation benefits because of a devastating injury is that they know how to put a price tag on someone’s injuries. Beyond that, a lawyer also knows how to negotiate and understands what the law entitles their client to request.

Instead of anxiously preparing for a negotiation session and losing sleep for weeks beforehand, you can rely on a professional to handle the financial and legal challenges in your life while you focus on recovering to the best of your ability. A devastating injury will mean consequences for you and for your entire immediate family. The compensation that you receive has to help replace your contributions to the household and connect you with the care you will require because of your medical condition.

Seeking out professional health can be a very important step for those preparing for a sizable workers’ compensation claim.