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Do drug tests cut you off from the best brain injury treatments?

| Oct 13, 2021 | Brain Injury |

Suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI) on the job will likely require a drawn-out workers’ compensation claim. The more serious the injury to your brain is, the longer it may be before doctors can provide a realistic prognosis. 

Someone who gets hurt on the job and makes a claim for workers’ compensation insurance benefits will usually have to undergo a drug test to show that they were not under the influence at the time of the incident where they got hurt. Their employer or the insurance provider may also have a policy regarding drug testing while they receive benefits. 

Unfortunately, that policy could potentially cut workers off from treatments that show promise.

2 drugs banned at the federal level might help those with TBIs

California was the first state in the country to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, and people have used medical marijuana to treat many different conditions across the state. However, there is still much to learn about what marijuana can do in a medical setting. 

Traumatic brain injuries are among the conditions that people report responding positively to marijuana, although there is currently a shortage of peer-reviewed research on the topic. Interestingly, MDMA, also known as the street drug Ecstasy or X, is about to undergo an extensive medical study in another state for its role in helping people recover from TBIs. 

Generally, there are no chemical agents known to assist with the recovery from a traumatic brain injury. However, there are substances that show promise, but that might complicate someone’s workers’ compensation claim. Exploring all of your treatment options can help you achieve a better quality of life and future after a brain injury on the job.