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A catastrophic injury can impact your mental state

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Spinal Cord Injury |

When a person has a spinal cord injury, people around them might become focused on the physical impacts of the injury. They may not consider the mental and emotional impacts that come with this type of life-long injury.

There are many factors that can affect a person’s mental health when they’re dealing with a catastrophic injury. While a person might have several of these, they may not have them all. Trying to address the ones they do have may enable them to find ways to improve their mental stability.

One primary factor that can impact you after this type of injury is the lack of independence. You may feel as though you’re a burden because you need so much help with things you once did on your own. Not being able to do the things you enjoy can also have a negative impact on you. You might even feel as though you’re isolated, and having too much time with negative thoughts can send you into a downward spiral toward depression or anxiety.

The pain that comes with these injuries may make it hard for you to enjoy your life. This may require you to turn to pain medications and may alter your ability to get adequate sleep. All of those can change your mental state.

Financial problems might contribute to the mental stress you feel in these cases. Workers’ compensation coverage can help to cover some of these, but you might not get all the benefits you need. Having an attorney willing to fight for your right to receive specific benefits may help you get what you need.