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If you or your loved ones have any food allergies, then we are sure you are used to scanning every food item you buy for a list of ingredients and allergens. Unfortunately, a recent recall shows us that may not be enough. We are learning that Frito-Lay and the US Food and Drug Administration are recalling Stacy’s Simply Naked Pita Chips. They say that hundreds of bags were filled with a different flavor of chip that “could expose consumers with severe milk allergies to a potential allergen.”

They announced the recall after one consumer had an allergic reaction due to the mistake.

At Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP, we know how dangerous mislabeled products can be for consumers. We also know that this is only one way the products can become defective and cause harm. If you need a San Diego product liability attorney, you can count on us to be by your side.


We know that you probably do not spend your days thinking about the different ways the products you use can cause you harm. Yes, you may see the occasional recall on the news, but you probably think it will never happen to you.

That is, until you look at the government recall website. There we can see just how many hundreds of products are currently dangerous for consumers. It does not matter what industry you look at, there are some dangerous products out there that can adversely affect us and our families. So, how does this happen?

Well, above you can see how a labeling mishap caused someone to have an allergic reaction. In fact, labeling problems are one of the main ways we see products cause harm. We depend on labels to tell us about a product’s ingredients, side effects, dosages, hazards, and proper usage. Everything we use, from foods to hard goods, has a label. If something is wrong with the label, consumers can really get hurt.

We also know that poorly designed products and products that experience manufacturing errors can also cause harm to consumers. Despite testing, there are times when these products slip past and hit the shelves.

Injures from faulty products can be immediately visible in the form of:

  • Soft tissue damage
  • Allergic reactions
  • Choking
  • Broken bones
  • And more

It could also be the case the products expose us to long-term health consequences that do not become apparent until years down the line. This was the case with cigarettes and the baby power problem.


If there comes a time when a product you use or consume causes you or your family harm, seek legal assistance as soon as possible. At Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP, our qualified and experienced team will work tirelessly to secure the compensation you need in the aftermath of an incident like this. When you need a San Diego product liability attorney, You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling our office.