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Being attacked and bitten by a dog is a frightening experience for someone of any age or level of love they have for dogs. It’s even more frightening when the dog that attacks you is unknown or a stray. You aren’t sure if they have been kept up to date with their required shots, which means you will likely need a rabies shot among others to remain healthy. You should never ignore the injuries that you suffer from a dog bite or other type of attack from a dog. Our knowledgeable San Diego dog bite attorney would like to explain the proper steps you should take after you are attacked by a dog. 


When a dog bites or attacks you, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately. You won’t want to delay a medical examination as this could cause further damage to your body and even hurt your chances of winning a personal injury case against the owner of the dog. If the injuries are serious you should call 911 at the scene of the incident and wait for police and EMS to arrive. They will then transport you to the hospital for emergency care. If the injuries are minor you can either take yourself to the emergency room or simply visit your family physician for care.


Once you have been treated for your injuries you should file a report with the police. It’s important for you to also put a call in with local animal control about the incident. Animal control will come to visit with the dog and its owners. If the dog was a stray, animal control will do its best to find the dog and get it off the streets so it doesn’t attack anyone else. Filing a police report will help you when the time comes to file a lawsuit for your injuries.


If the owner of the dog was not present when the attack occurred you need to notify them of the incident as soon as possible. This is important because they might cooperate immediately and even offer up their insurance information so you can file a claim against their policy for your injuries and subsequent medical treatment. Notifying the owner of the attack will also ensure that the dog does not bite anyone else in the future because the owner now knows to take preventive measures.


If you were out for a walk with a neighbor or a family member they likely witnessed the entire incident. They will be able to speak on your behalf about what occurred. Ask the witnesses to give their statement to the police and to animal control. You should also have the witnesses talk to your personal injury attorney about what they saw so the case against the dog owner can be built effectively.

If you have been attacked and bitten by a dog you need to speak with an experienced San Diego personal injury attorney. Call the office of Hiden Rott Oertle LLP today to schedule a consultation.