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Death of 2 California Men Blamed On Industrial Accident

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2013 | Workers' Compensation |

Logging is an important industry that much of the economy relies on. Without loggers, there would be trouble in the paper, furniture and construction industries. Unfortunately, it has the tendency to be a dangerous profession as well. In the case of an industrial accident, most states require employers to provide workers’ compensation coverage to help with financial losses associated with a death or injury. The families of two loggers will likely qualify for these benefits after two California men lost their lives in unrelated logging accidents.

The first man was discovered after he failed to return home from work. His wife notified his coworkers who conducted a search of the area where the man had been working. It is believed that the man was hit by a tree that because it was partially rotted. The man had passed away before his coworkers discovered him.

The second accident occurred the next day. According to reports, the man was struck by a log that was being moved up a hill from the man. He also died at the scene of the accident.

In addition to coping with the emotions associated with the unexpected loss of a loved one, the family of these men will also have to deal with the financial ramifications of the loss. In addition to funeral expenses, their surviving family members will have to deal with the loss of the men’s income. While they are likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits on behalf of their deceased family members under California law, they may need assistance obtaining the compensation they possibly deserve as a result of the industrial accident. The path to compensation is often a complicated one, sometimes resulting in major delays.

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