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The workplace can be a dangerous place, and injuries at work can be quite severe. None are more life-altering, however than the loss of a limb. Losing a foot, leg, arm or hand on the job can lead to fundamental life changes that will cause you to completely alter your daily living activities. This type of injury generally requires a long recuperative period and months or even years of specialized therapy to regain some normalcy again. What’s worse, an amputation can make it impossible to do the same type of job you had been doing at the time of the accident, which may be a job that you’ve trained for and invested a lot of time preparing for. If you have experienced a loss of limb on the job, speaking to a Temecula amputation work injury attorney right away is important.

Statistics on Amputations in the Workplace

Data from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration shows that there were more than 2,600 amputations in the workplace in 2015 alone, with roughly one-quarter of workplace injuries resulting in an amputation. Workers in the manufacturing and construction sectors are more prone to loss of limb than other industries, due largely to the machinery and heavy equipment used in these jobs. Workers in food manufacturing and food service industries also experience a fair share of amputations, due to meat grinders and food slicers being commonly used.

Worker’s Compensation and Amputation Injuries

Many injured workers and their families find life after an amputation to be nothing short of overwhelming. Medical bills pile up at a time when the family is most vulnerable and when one or even the sole breadwinner is unable to contribute. Payments from workers comp help, but there are sometimes obstacles that prevent the injured worker from getting the true compensation that they deserve for such a horrendous injury. At Hiden, Rott & Oertle , LLP, our Temecula amputation work injury attorney fights for our clients to ensure that any third-party whose negligence may have led to the accident is held accountable and that you get the compensation to which you are entitled, as quickly as possible. For example, if a defective trash compactor or forklift led to your accident, our attorneys pursue the manufacturer for damages on your behalf.

Compensation in Amputation Cases

Workers compensation pays medical bills and therapy related to your accident and up to 80 percent of your lost wages while you are off from work. You may also qualify for a lump sum payout as a result of your injury since an amputation generally leaves you at least partially permanently disabled. Any third-party awards to which you are entitled to go above and beyond these payouts and may encompass factors such as your reduced capacity to make a living, future income loss, future treatment costs, and other damages.

Consulting with a Temecula Amputation Work Injury Attorney

Each amputation case is unique. Consult with our Temecula amputation work injury lawyer to review the particulars of your case. A case review and consultation are free schedule yours today.

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