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Uber has become a popular method of transportation all across the state of California and Temecula is no exception. There’s plenty of reasons to use Uber and one of the most common is that it’s less expensive than owning a car. Many people use Uber to get home after a night on the town with family or friends. But, is using Uber as safe as many think it is? Do you really know the track record of the person navigating the trip? A Temecula Uber accident attorney can guide you through the legal process following an Uber accident so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

What Makes Uber Dangerous?

Have you ever really thought about how safe you are when riding in an Uber? Do you feel as safe as when you are driving yourself or when a family member or friend is behind the wheel? These are considerations you must make when deciding to use an Uber instead of a car service, a taxi, or public transportation.

One of the biggest reasons why Uber is dangerous is that the company does not view its drivers as employees. The drivers who drive for Uber are contractors. This means that when the driver is involved in an accident Uber will not take responsibility for the accident, leaving the liability totally on the driver. The company will back away from any accident case involving one of its drivers almost instantly.

The driving record and criminal record of Uber drivers is also up in the air, which is another reason why using the vehicle service can be so dangerous. Uber does not conduct an in-depth background check on their contracted drivers, which means you don’t really know what you are walking into when getting in the vehicle at a pickup location. If the driver picks you up at home they now know where you live.

Steps to Take Following an Uber Accident

The moments following an Uber accident will determine how strong of a case you have against the driver and Uber. It’s important for you to remain at the scene even though you weren’t behind the wheel of any vehicle involved in the crash. You will want to be evaluated by first responders and transported to the hospital, if necessary.

Take pictures of the crash scene, including all the cars involved and your injuries. Make sure you snap photos of the debris, the road conditions, the location, road signs and anything else that might work to your advantage when building a case.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an Uber accident you need to speak with an experienced attorney about the case. Your injuries deserve to be cared for without having to worry about how you will pay the bills for care. A Temecula Uber accident attorney from Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP, Attorneys at Law can answer your questions, investigate the accident, and fight for the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Call the office at 619-630-0205 today to schedule a consultation about your case.

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