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Trampolines are a lot of fun. They are also incredibly dangerous. You don’t have to jump on a trampoline with a bunch of other people to wind up suffering an injury. Some of the most common injuries caused on trampolines occured when the victim was jumping alone, usually trying to conduct a trick or other type of difficult jump or flip. A Temecula trampoline injury attorney has the experience needed to investigate your case, review your medical records, and speak with witnesses to the accident in an effort to build a strong case for compensation. The team at Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP, Attorneys at Law are here to answer your questions and provide compassionate legal counsel.

Staying Safe on a Trampoline

As much fun as it seems to flip in all directions when on a trampoline it’s not recommended that you do so. Flipping while on the trampoline can lead to serious injuries, including broken legs or arms, a broken neck, a damaged spine, head trauma, eye damage and much more. Below are some tips for staying safe on a trampoline so you are not involved in a serious accident:

  • Trampolines should be installed in an open area of the yard (no trees, poles, or fences nearby)
  • Springs in correct position and all bolts tightened
  • Safety pads are installed over metal poles
  • Trampoline is enclosed with a safety net
  • Don’t allow kids to jump too high
  • Don’t wear jewelry when jumping
  • No somersaults
  • Always use the ladder to get on and off trampoline
  • If trampoline is wet, do not use it
  • Trampoline must be on level ground
  • Avoid any and all flips or other acrobatics
  • Check for objects under the trampoline (animals, people, debris)
  • No child under six should use a trampoline
  • Land in the middle of the trampoline
  • Do not use when drinking alcohol
  • One jumper at a time

Injuries Caused by Trampoline Accidents

It can be tempting to get onto a trampoline and try your luck at flips, high jumps, and other wild acrobats. Even with the temptation to do this, it’s important to avoid anything too dangerous when on the trampoline. You could wind up suffering an incredibly severe injury that could lead to months of rehabilitation. The injuries you suffer from a trampoline accident, depending on your age, could change your life forever. Some victims of trampoline accidents wind up suffering disability or paralyzation due to the severity of their injuries. This leaves them forever changed and in need of extensive medical care, which can cost millions of dollars. Compensation for your injuries in such an accident can help pay for this care, pain and suffering, and other damages.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

If your child has suffered an injury in a trampoline accident it’s important for you to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Don’t negotiate a settlement with the trampoline owner or speak to an insurance company without first speaking to your attorney. Contact the team at Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP, Attorneys at Law to speak with a Temecula trampoline injury attorney about your situation.

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