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There are multiple rideshare companies in operation now in California and across the country. Lyft is one of those companies and it operates in Temecula and the surrounding areas. Lyft uses a mobile application to send drivers to clients who need rides. The service can be used for work, school, errands, doctor appointments, going out to eat and much more. As convenient as using Lyft is it can also be quite dangerous. You just don’t know the background of the driver and if a proper background check was conducted by Lyft prior to allowing the contractor to drive for the company. A Temecula Lyft accident attorney can answer your questions and help you build a case against the driver for the accident that caused your injuries.

How Safe are Lyft Drivers?

Do you really know how safe the Lyft driver is who picks you up? There’s no way to know their driving background or even their criminal background. Those who drive for Lyft are not technically employees of the company. Instead, they are considered subcontractors. They likely have to go through some sort of records check by Lyft but how in-depth is that check? Does it go deep enough to find major driving issues? This is a major safety issue that should not be ignored.

There is little to no oversight by Lyft when it comes to the drivers. All someone needs when signing up to be a driver for Lyft is a valid driver’s license and a working vehicle. Lyft doesn’t know what the vehicles look like that drivers use or if they are even in good shape. The vehicle could have defective parts, outstanding recall notices, and plenty of other problems that could lead to accidents.

Protecting Yourself After a Lyft Accident

It’s important to protect yourself after a Lyft accident in Temecula. The first step is to remain at the crash scene. Many people might leave the scene since they were not any of the drivers involved in the crash. Remain at the scene to speak with the police and to be evaluated by the EMTs who respond to the scene.

Take pictures of the accident scene. Pictures should be taken of the vehicles involved, your injuries, the debris on the road, blood puddles, the road conditions, road signs and any other items that could help your attorney build a strong case against the at-fault drivers.

Do not speak to the attorneys for the drivers involved or their insurance companies before first speaking with your own attorney. They might convince you to accept a settlement that could be much less than what you actually deserve.

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