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The brain is one of the most powerful parts of the body. It is also one of the most fragile. The slightest of blows to the head could lead to some form of brain damage or brain issues that can affect how you are able to communicate, move, and handle daily activities. Brain injuries are very common in the workplace throughout California and the rest of the country. These injuries cost in the tens of thousands of dollars for the victims and their families, especially if the victims cannot return to work for an extended period or at all. There are catastrophic consequences that come with a brain injury, which can be caused by a collision, a blow to the head, a slip-and-fall, violence and many other causes.

It is entirely possible for the victim of a brain injury to see their personality change in an instant. Brain injuries often lead to personality changes. Many victims go from being outspoken to reserved, reserved to outspoken, scared, angry, worried, anxious and many other emotions. The pain and suffering, both emotional and physical, can be overwhelming for the victim and their families. Victims of brain injuries will suffer significant financial troubles due to the inability to work and the mounting medical expenses related to surgeries, treatment, therapy, medication and transportation. A large number of brain injuries happen on the job, which is why you need to speak with an experienced Palm Springs work-related brain injury attorney about your situation.

What to Know Regarding Palm Springs Work-Related Brain Injuries

The Palm Springs work-related brain injuries from Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP have the experience representing clients just like you when it comes to these traumatic injuries. With more than 50 combined years practicing law in California, our team knows what it takes to investigate the incident that led to your injury, interview witnesses, find expert witnesses and negotiate terms for compensation for your injuries. Some alarming statistics regarding work-related brain injuries are listed below:

  • 14 percent of all brain injuries are caused on the job
  • More than 2.8 million people across the country suffer from a brain injury every year
  • Falls cause more than half of all work-related brain injuries
  • Of all the work-related deaths each year, more than 60 percent are caused by brain injuries
  • Concussions are responsible for 90 percent of all non-fatal work-related injuries

These are alarming statistics that cannot be ignored. Even with all of the safety guidelines and regulations in place throughout the state and the country there are still millions of people suffering brain injuries on the job.

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When you are injured on the job in Palm Springs you need to seek medical treatment immediately. You then need to report the accident and injury to your employer. Once you have taken care of these two steps you should contact an experienced Palm Springs attorney. The Palm Springs Work-Related Brain Injury Attorneys from Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP have a combined 50 years of experience handling cases like yours. Contact the team in Palm Springs today to schedule a free consultation.

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