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Palm Springs Spinal Cord Work Injury Attorney

A spinal cord injury can happen in a split-second, a miniscule moment of time which could turn your entire life upside down forever. This moment can see you lose the job you worked hard at, the hobbies you loved, and the ability to be active with your children, amongst other parts of your life.When you are faced with such a traumatic event, you should take the time you need to recover from your injuries as much as possible, adjusting to the new normal in your life. When you choose to entrust your case to one of our Palm Springs spinal cord work injury attorneys, you can do just that, whilst maintaining confidence that you are in expert hands.

Our lawyers cannot reverse your spinal cord injuries, nor the consequences you will be living with, but the compensation we could recover on your behalf could ensure that financial hardship is minimized.

Palm Springs Spinal Cord Work Injury: The Statistics

While very few of us give it even a fleeting thought until faced with a problem, the spinal cord is required for most of the movements you make. Enabling your brain to communicate with the rest of your body means that spinal cord damage can result in permanent disability or paralysis. This can leave the lower extremities non-functioning (quadriplegia) or impact all four limbs (paraplegia), neither of which are a desirable state of affairs.

Thousands of people in the United States are affected by spinal cord injuries each year, a fact which our Palm Springs spinal cord work injury attorneys can attest to. According to official statistics:

  • Around 17,700 spinal cord injuries are sustained each year
  • Approximately 288,000 Americans are currently living with a spinal cord injury
  • The average yearly cost of treatment for those with paraplegia is $537,271 in the first year, and $71,172 every year thereafter, a cost which surely illustrates the importance of hiring an outstanding attorney
  • Not only can a spina cord injury affect your ability to function, it is also likely to significant reduce your life expectancy

Why Do Spinal Cord Work Injuries Happen?

Automobile accidents are the single largest cause of spinal cord injuries, followed by slips and falls, acts of violence, and sports injuries. While some of these will, of course, be genuine accidents where nobody is truly at fault, there are countless cases where these potentially life-limiting injuries occur due to the negligence of another.

Some of the common causes of the spinal cord work injuries seen by our attorneys include the following:

  • Reckless driving
  • Manufacturing defective products or components
  • Failure to maintain safe premises
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Committing a violent act

If you have been affected by a spinal cord work injury, you deserve nothing short of outstanding legal representation. To schedule your free initial consultation with an excellent attorney, call us today at 619-630-0205.

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