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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common workplace injury, causing symptoms such as numbness, tingling, and burning sensations in the hand and wrist, and sufferers may be entitled to claim workers compensation benefits. If you unsure if you are entitled to receive these benefits, or if you feel that your employer or their insurance company are offering you less than they should, an Palm Springs carpal tunnel syndrome attorney from Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP can focus the full extent of our legal knowledge and experience into protecting your legal rights, ensuring you are not left out of pocket due to somebody else’s negligence.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Explained by Your Palm Springs Attorney

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition caused by a swollen or pinched nerve in the wrist. Generally occurring due to repetitive motions, or following another wrist injury such as a fracture, sufferers of carpal tunnel syndrome tend to experience numbness, burning, or tingling sensation in one or both hands, alongside a loss of grip, or difficulty making a fist. One common misconception about carpal tunnel syndrome is that it only affects those who work at a computer for long periods of time whereas, in reality, anybody can be affected.

As Palm Springs Carpal Tunnel Syndrome attorneys, we have successfully represented clients from a wide range of jobs and industries, including the following, although we can help you no matter where you work, or what you do:

  • Cashiers, particularly those employed in grocery stores
  • Construction workers
  • Hairdressers and beauty therapists
  • Janitors and cleaners
  • Nurses, dental hygienists, and other healthcare workers
  • Office-based workers
  • Restaurant workers of all kinds
  • Sewing machine operators
  • Vehicle and machinery operators
  • Welder and cutters

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Facts and Statistics

While you may have been aware of the existence of carpal tunnel syndrome before being afflicted with it, do you know just how common the condition is amongst United States workers?

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is responsible for more days away from work than any other injury
  • 3.5% of all workplace repetitive motion injuries can be attributed to carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Women are, statistically, almost twice as likely as their male colleagues to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Over 5 million United States workers were affected by carpal tunnel syndrome in 2010
  • Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common type of hand and wrist surgery in the United States each year

That annoying numbness and tingling may not seem like such a minor issue now that you have learned some statistics, and we are here for you when you decide to take action.

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When you have contracted carpal tunnel syndrome due to work-related tasks, you may be eligible to receive workers compensation benefits. As your employer, and their insurers, are likely to prioritize minimizing their own losses, you could benefit from the legal representation of an outstanding Palm Springs carpal tunnel syndrome attorney.

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