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Did you know that it’s possible to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and not type on a keyboard 40 hours a week? If you didn’t realize this yet and have pain in your hands or wrist, it’s possible that you are suffering from some form of carpal tunnel syndrome that could very well be caused by your job. Any person in any profession can develop this problem. Whether you work in construction, the emergency services, customer service or any other profession; it’s out of the ordinary to need surgery due to carpal tunnel syndrome. So, if you experience pain, tingling, numbness or the inability to close your hand into a first; it’s time to seek medical treatment and speak to a Palm Springs carpal tunnel syndrome attorney from Hiden Rott Oertle LLP.

Examining the Causes of Carpal Tunnel

If you are lucky enough to have never suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome you likely don’t know what causes this problem. The underlying issue is when something happens to the nerves of the wrist. Should the nerves get pinched in an accident or become swollen due to some other reason it will lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Any injury to the hand or wrist, no matter how severe, can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. A fracture, a sprain, a sports injury, repetitive injuries and many other injuries can all be what causes this syndrome. What you need to understand is that carpal tunnel can get so severe that it can prevent you from grasping items with the affected hand and even having trouble closing your hand into a fist.

Our Palm Springs carpal tunnel syndrome attorneys have represented hundreds of clients in workers’ compensation cases throughout the years. These clients worked in a variety of professions and not all of them involved typing on a keyboard for hours on end each week. Some of the clients we’ve represented came from the following professions:

  • Hairdressers
  • Construction workers
  • Cashiers
  • Janitors
  • Restaurant workers
  • Seamstresses
  • Cutters
  • Machinery operators
  • Dental hygienists

The Statistics Behind Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects more people each year than one might think. This is an issue that causes a lot of pain for those who have it and could cause employees to miss a lot of time at work if they cannot use their hands properly. Think about how much you use your hands during the course of the workday. Can you go without them? Some shocking statistic below show just how impactful carpal tunnel syndrome is:

  • Women are nearly two times as likely than their male counterparts to develop carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is the biggest cause of the most days missed at work than any other injury
  • The most common reason for surgery on the hand or the wrist annually in the United States is carpal tunnel syndrome
  • In 2010 there were more than 5 million employees in the United States who suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome

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Now that you have some background information on carpal tunnel syndrome it’s time to speak with a Palm Springs carpal tunnel syndrome attorney. Our experienced team at Hiden Rott Oertle LLP has the knowledge to handle your case and help you file for workers’ compensation benefits so you can focus on rehabilitating your injury and getting back to work.

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