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The sheer mass and size of large commercial trucks make them a force to be reckoned with on the road. When it comes to large truck or semi versus car, it isn’t hard to imagine how much damage a passenger vehicle can sustain when it collides with a moving object weighing several tons (often 20 times more than a standard car). Truck accidents can be quite tragic, and unfortunately, are all-too common. The U.S. Department of Transportation notes that 138,000 people were injured and nearly 4,000 died in truck-involved crashes in 2015 alone.

Some of the most horrific accidents on the roadway involve large trucks, semis, and big rigs. These types of injury cases present unique problems to the injured since the operators of these trucks must follow not only California laws but also federal laws that regulate their industry. They are also required to maintain insurance in higher limits than those required for a passenger vehicle. Moreover, being involved in an accident with a large truck may mean that the operator of the truck shares the liability for the accident with more than one party. For instance, the operator may be found negligent, but his employer or the entity providing truck maintenance may also be to blame.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you should speak to Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP and their team of Palm Springs truck accident attorneys right away. You can count on this legal team to help you hold the right parties responsible and assist you in getting any compensation to which you are entitled.

Causes of Palm Springs Truck Accidents

The trucking industry has made strides in recent years to improve the safety of trucks that operate commercially. Still, there are several top reasons that trucks are sometimes involved in accidents on the roadway. These include:

  • Simple human error. Misjudging a turn or overcorrecting when dropping off the shoulder can lead to horrible truck accidents.
  • Poorly trained operators. Operators who are rushed through training to fulfill a trucking company’s needs often find themselves prone to accidents due to inexperience and lack of knowledge.
  • Distracted operators. From texting to eating, distractions in the cab can lead to deadly consequences on the highway.
  • Fatigued or sleepy operators. Operators find themselves resting less and sleeping less than they need to (and may be required to under law) and then getting behind the wheel to meet a deadline or appointment. Drowsiness can lead to truck accidents and serious injuries for all involved.
  • Lack of proper truck maintenance. Even with an expert operator behind the wheel, if a truck is not properly maintained, accidents can ensue.

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