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Year in and year out, dangerous products end up in the hands of consumers despite regulations and consumer protection laws, often with devastating consequences. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission notes that deaths, injuries and damage to property from harmful consumer products amount to upwards of $1 trillion every year. CPSC data shows that in the previous five years, there have been 116 million recalled products in nearly 500 issued recalls. Defective and faulty products resulted in more than 2,200 deaths in the two-year period from 2009 to 2011; $6.7 billion in property damage resulted. More than five million people visited the ER for injuries related to consumer products in 2013 alone.

Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP and their Palm Springs product liability attorney have helped many clients recover damages when harmful products disrupt their lives and cause injuries. Our attorneys are adept at getting to the root of liability and negotiating for maximum payout to help you get on with your life.

Product Liability Claim Types

There are generally three different types of claims that can arise from a faulty, mal-designed, dangerous or otherwise defective product. These include:

  • Design defect claims. When the defect in the product occurs prior to the product being produced, the it has a design defect. For instance, an appliance has a defect that exposes a live wire to unsuspecting users, causing shock injuries.
  • Manufacturing defect claims. When the product occurs during the manufacture or assembly of the product, prior to it reaching the shelves, then it has a manufacturing defect. This might occur when an error on the assembly line leads to 5,000 cars having a faulty braking system, leading to dangerous crashes when the vehicles are driven.
  • Advertising and marketing defect claims. A company can be held liable when they advertise a product for a use which the product it not suited or if they fail to inform purchasers about how to properly use the product or do not include necessary warnings about a product. For example, the manufacturer of a drug does not warn against use in people with high blood pressure, even though the use of a drug is contraindicated for such users.

From beauty products to cars and home appliances, food, medical devices and medications, dangerous products cause serious problems for those who buy them, often leading to devastating injuries. If you have experienced an injury or other damages due to a harmful product, you may be able to collect compensation for medical costs, time lost from work, pain and suffering and more.

Working With a Palm Springs Product Liability Attorney

When a manufacturer or seller violates your trust and sells you a product that causes you harm, you have the right to compensation for any injury sustained. Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP has a history of holding manufacturers and others accountable for the products that they sell. If you have been injured due to a malfunctioning or harmful product, schedule your no-cost case review with our Palm Springs liability attorney to determine how to proceed in your case.

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