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Paraplegia and Quadriplegia Frequently Asked Questions

Personal injury attorneys at Hiden, Rott, Oertle LLP are experienced experts in paraplegia and quadriplegia accident law. We take these cases on contingency so that you do not have to pay attorney fees before you receive financial compensation for your injuries.We invest in these cases because we believe in them and we believe in our clients and their families. We listen to our clients’ needs and concerns and we act accordingly. As trusted paraplegia and quadriplegic accident experts, we receive many questions from injured parties who want to know how they will function both physically and financially in the short term and long term. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and brief answers to those questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Construction accidents, car accidents, and falls from higher than a first floor level are common causes of paraplegia and quadriplegia. Resulting injuries include traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and severe injuries requiring amputation. Follow up care can also be a cause of paraplegia and quadriplegia such as a blood clot during surgery that leads to limb amputation or when anesthesia triggers a defect that a patient did not realize he or she had that results in paralysis.

It often happens that insurance companies try to limit liability so that they do not have to pay as much or even not pay at all. Personal injury experts at Hiden, Rott, Oertle LLP have dealt with countless insurance companies and understand how they operate. We will work for you to see that you receive the coverage and compensation to which you are entitled.

No, there is no cookie cutter approach to our cases because every case is entirely unique. Some of your facts may be similar to other cases we have worked on, but we understand that your life and future are in our hands and that is why we treat each case on an individual basis.

We will work with you and for you, to see that you are compensated for your injuries, including long term effects of your injuries such as not being able to go back to work. For the short term we will help you too. For example, we have helped clients secure rent payments, transportation, and childcare. Whatever your needs, we will help you get there.

As your attorneys and advocates, we understand that what is in your best interest includes seeing that your family is taken care of. Your family members’ lives have changed because of your injuries and we will advocate for them as well. We understand that your family members may need things such as counseling, childcare, and caregivers to help with your injuries and we will do everything we can to see that your family’s needs are met

As previously mentioned, every case is unique and we treat each case accordingly. We understand that Workers’ Compensation may not be enough to make you whole, but we will use our creativity and experience to maximize your compensation

It depends on the facts of your case and extent of your injuries including how much testing you will need and what your future needs are

We understand that your financial concerns are scary and unsettling, especially regarding your immediate financial needs. We will help you find ways to pay for your long term and short term needs including needs such as childcare and transportation. Additionally, we will represent you on contingency so that you are not receiving monthly bills from us like you would if you were hiring us on at an hourly rate

A lot of times treatment will be denied while we are in the process of working through your case so it may be necessary to go through your health insurance to keep the case moving along. If this happens, we will advise the insurance company of the ongoing case and they will place a lien against your case in order to be paid back once the case has concluded.

This is not uncommon and we have experience with clients who are not able to drive as a result of their injuries. When necessary we will help you secure alternative transportation (such as a vehicle that accomodates a wheelchair) or medical transportation so that you have rides to and from your healthcare appointments.

As mentioned above, we will help you secure transportation that accomodates your injury needs.

Yes, we handle both short term and long term disability. We want to see you fully compensated and we do not believe you are fully compensated until we have managed both short term and long term disability.Our goal is to alleviate the stress and maintainyour financial status quo.

Yes, we will work with your landlord and with the insurance company to see if we can work something out such as getting an advancement from the insurance company to cover your rent while the case is ongoing.

As previously mentioned, seeing that your family is taken care of is a priority to us. We understand that your injuries affect not only your life, but their lives as well. We will learn and understand your family members’ needs and find a way to accommodate them.

We are regularly contacted by clients who are looking for new attorneys because they are not satisfied with their current attorneys for reasons such as lack of communication, not feeling like a priority, their benefits have stopped, and lack of cooperation. When you decide to change attorneys, we will make the process easy to get the case moved to our office.

No, we will request your file from your first attorney.

Other Attorneys may not prepare their client for depositions, but we do not believe that is fair to you or in your best interest. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible when you walk into that deposition.We want you to understand the process and be prepared for the types of questions they may ask you.

Yes, we will help to see that you secure childcare and any other needs that arise due to your injuries.

We will work through this issue with you to see that your home is modified as needed to accommodate your injuries.

Paraplegia and quadriplegia accident attorneys at Hiden, Rott, and Oertle LLP are passionate about our clients and seeing that they are fully and fairly compensated. We know you have sustained life changing injuries and we want to see that you and your family receive the monetary recovery and accommodations that will help you to move forward as easily and securely as possible.

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