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If you have ever even stood beside a big-rig or semi-truck, never mind actually driving or travelling in one, you will understand just how big, heavy and generally unwieldy these behemoths are. A truck can weigh up to around 80,000 pounds, and you can probably imagine just how difficult it can be to get all 80,000 of those pounds to come to a halt in an emergency. To give you some idea of the differences between a truck and a car, an average car will take around 175 feet to stop at 50mph in dry conditions, whereas a truck will take more like 450 feet. As it travels this distance, which is about one and half football fields, the truck will be plowing into everything in its path – and that same size and weight gives it a considerable advantage over your car or SUV.

It will come as little surprise to learn that truck accidents, while less frequent than car accidents, tend to wreak devastation when they do occur. At Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP, we have vast experience of successfully representing El Centro truck accident victims, and are expertly-equipped to help when you need an outstanding attorney.

Typical Causes of El Centro Truck Accidents

It is impossible to compile a definitive list of all probable causes of El Centro truck accidents, given that there are so many variables at play – the weather, road conditions, other motorists’ behavior, and more. However, over the years we have been providing legal representation for victims of all manner of road accidents, we have come to the realization that truck accidents are frequently a result of one, or more, of the following factors:

Distracted driving: This is a very common factor in most types of accident, and truck accidents are no exception to that particular rule. Just as a car driver may be tempted to check a text message whilst driving, a truck driver is just as susceptible to that temptation, or may also decide to adjust GPS, or check their system for their next drop. Eating, drinking, and retrieving dropped items are also regular causes of distraction amongst drivers

Tired or fatigued driving: For as long as trucking companies insist on providing bonuses and other incentives for drivers who deliver ahead of schedule, truckers will continue to drive over their maximum allowable hours, and cut their rest breaks short. This then creates an additional risk for others on the road, as the driver’s reactions will be slower, alongside the extended stopping distance they are already contending with

Alcohol and/or drugs: Although everyone almost certainly knows that driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or another form of prescription or non-prescription drugs is incredible dangerous, not to mention illegal, truck drivers do decide to take the risk occasionally, sometimes resulting in catastrophic accidents

The other common causes of collisions are also those which can be expected from all types of road accident, including driving at excessive speeds, failure to yield, and failing to pay due care and attention before turning or changing lanes.

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