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It is impossible to even wake up in the morning without using a product. After all, the bed you sleep in, the sheets and pillows you use, and the clock you check the time on are all products, as is every other item you wear or make use of as you go about your day. None of us tend to pay any attention to most of the products we use as long as everything is going well but, when an accident happens, the cause of that injury suddenly becomes very important to us. Every day in El Centro, accidents happen due to defective products of any kind, leaving innocent consumers – just like you and your family – facing ever-increasing medical expenses, and a loss of essential income whilst recovering.

At Hiden, Rott & Oertle , our El Centro product liability attorneys are the obvious choice when you require expert legal representation following an injury inflicted by a defective product. Whether that involves severe side effects from poorly-designed medication, a dangerous toy hurting a child, or an electrical item catching fire due to a defect, we have the knowledge and experience necessary whilst pursuing the monetary damages and compensation you deserve.

What Is a Product Liability Case?

Under California law, a product liability lawsuit can be filed against the manufacturer, or anyone else directly involved in the marketing chain of a particular product, for example, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. Such a suit can be brought where there has been a defect in the product, which has resulted in illness, injury, or death in a user. Each party in the chain is strictly liable where there has been a defect in the product in question, with some exceptions. These exceptions can be discussed with your El Centro product liability attorney, should you decide to bring a lawsuit in similar circumstances.

As mentioned, almost all products are covered by product liability law in El Centro, California, with strict liability imposed because lawmakers believe that those who create, sell and therefore, profit from, a certain product are responsible on the grounds of:

  • Being able to ensure that there are no dangers associated with using the product, or preventing any which do arise from reoccurring in the future
  • Unlike the consumer, who is likely to face financial difficulty due to the injuries incurred, those in the manufacturing and marketing chain can insure against such events
  • Deterring manufacturers and other parties from releasing defective products onto the market is in the best interests of the general public

Although we cannot possibly list every potential source of a product liability case, some of the most common categories include the following:

  • Vehicle parts and components
  • Medical equipment and devices
  • Small electronics and household appliances
  • Baby equipment, including car seats and highchairs
  • Children’s toys
  • Sports equipment

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