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Although it is incredibly convenient to be driven from door to door, very few of us have the means to actually hire a driver, so hailing a cab can be the next best thing. Of course, using cabs can also quickly become prohibitively expensive, a fact which was recognized by the creators of ridesharing services such as Lyft and Uber. The beauty of these services lies in the fact that they are convenient, traceable, and affordable. While the founder of these services, back in 2012, clearly had a vision of the success that was potentially to come, they may not have envisioned their new venture becoming quite so widespread. Ridesharing services, which operate through matching independent contractor drivers with nearby app users in need of a ride, have their fair share of critics but, then, so do most disruptive technologies and market entrants.

Whatever your opinion about the ethical and safety aspects of availing of ridesharing services such as Lyft, traveling in any type of car carries some risk, with El Centro experiencing around 160 car accident related injuries and fatalities per year, based on the California Office of Traffic Safety’s 2015 report. If you, or someone close to you, have sustained serious injuries in an El Centro Lyft accident, our attorneys have the legal knowledge and expertise required to ensure you recover maximum compensation and monetary damages.

Ask Your Attorney: How Safe Is Using El Centro’s Lyft Network?

In terms of using Lyft itself, you can rest assured that each of the drivers, although independent contractors are required to undergo detailed background checks each year, relating to factors such as criminal, motoring, and other offenses. In terms of the actual car, the risks involved in using a ridesharing service are the same as those involved in using your own car or accepting a ride from a friend.

Lyft, and other ridesharing services, are included in general car accident statistics, for the most part, meaning that an average year in El Centro amounts to:

  • 161 injuries and fatalities arising from car accidents
  • 31 speed-related collisions
  • 53 arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI)
  • 66 accidents caused by more than one factor

While Lyft may carry out detailed background checks on their drivers on an annual basis, there is no way of recognizing which cars on the road are being driven by a reckless or negligent driver. When you have been injured in an accident caused by another motorist, the El Centro Lyft accident attorneys from Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP, are ready to provide expert legal counsel.

How Our El Centro Lyft Accident Attorneys Could Help You

Following a Lyft accident, the route we take to pursue compensation on your behalf will vary depending on the circumstances, namely:

  • Whether the driver was carrying a passenger, and active on the Lyft app
  • Whether the driver was on his or her way to pick up a passenger, and active on the Lyft app
  • Whether the driver was inactive on Lyft, such as while on a break

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