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While it tends to grow in popularity around the time of major sporting events – perhaps as seeing cyclists on TV prompts those who are out of practice to get back into the saddle – many people in and around El Centro regularly choose their bicycle as their mode of transport, whether that be for commuting to and from work, carrying out various chores, or exploring the local area during some free time. There are plenty of benefits to cycling – aside from the initial outlay in terms of the bicycle itself, the related equipment you will need, and some maintenance, riding a bike is completely free and, even with all of those costs included, considerably more affordable than driving a car. You also get to benefit from escaping the gridlock of the freeway and highway on a daily basis, not to mention the health and environmental benefits associated with choosing to use your own body to propel yourself around the city, rather than an engine. If this is all sounding a bit too good to be true, that could be because there are some potentially serious negatives too.

With the average car weighing around 4,000 pounds and large trucks reaching up to 80,000 pounds, your body balanced on a lightweight metal frame is no match, no matter what the speed of the collision. The attorneys here at Hiden, Rott & Oertle have seen all too often just how harrowing the consequences of an El Centro bicycle accident can be and, as such, are dedicated to recovering the maximum compensation and monetary damages available to each of our affected clients.

El Centro Bicycle Accident Statistics

One of the questions our attorneys are often asked is “how often do bicycle accidents really happen in El Centro?” and, when you have cycled for years without an accident, it is understandable that you may view these accidents as something very unlikely. Nonetheless, did you know that 28 cyclists have been killed on Southern California roads between January and early August 2018?

Some other figures you may find interesting, and relevant, include:

  • The average age of a cyclist injured or killed in an El Centro bicycle accident is 28
  • 21% of bicycle accidents in Imperial County involved a cyclist aged under 18, with 28% involving an under 10
  • Focusing on Imperial County again, the most common causes of bicycle accidents are one or more parties failing to yield the right of way, driving or cycling at an unsafe speed, driving or cycling whilst under the influence (DUI), and improper passing or turning

Proving Liability Following an El Centro Bicycle Accident

As many bicycle accidents occur due to driver behavior, your El Centro attorney will focus on proving that the responsible motorist acted in a way which caused your accident and resulting injuries. Some of the rules of the road, which many drivers are not aware of, include the fact that cyclists must be given right of way where:

  • Passing
  • Preparing for, or making, a left turn
  • Avoiding hazards on the road
  • A road or laneway is too narrow for both bicycle and car to use at once
  • Approaching a right turn

If any of these, or other factors, apply to your case, your Hiden, Rott & Oertle lawyer will ensure that the motorist in question is held accountable.

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