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Chula Vista Work-Related Brain Injury Attorney

The brain is the most important part of the body and also the most fragile. There are so many things that can affect the brain, all of which can lead to serious injuries, disabilities, and cognitive problems. Even the slightest hit to the head can cause an injury to your brain that has repercussions throughout the body. Head trauma, slip-and-falls, blows to the head and many other injuries in the workplace can change your life in an instant. A brain injury can change the personality of the victim, their cognitive abilities, and their physical abilities. Work-related brain injuries wind up having a lasting impact on the victim even if the victim is able to make a complete recovery or close to a complete recovery.

Aside from the emotional pain and suffering you will encounter with a brain injury you will also have to deal with an exorbitant amount of physical pain. Working with an experienced Chula Vista work-related brain injury attorney from Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP will make it easy to handle the situation and recover from your injuries as much as possible. Our team will work their hardest to recover the compensation you deserve for the injuries caused at work.

All the Facts You Need to Know About a Chula Vista Work-Related Brain Injury

With more than 50 years combined representing clients in the Chula Vista area, the team at Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP has the knowledge and expertise necessary representing clients when it comes to brain injuries. No two cases involving brain injuries are the same, but that doesn’t mean our lawyers won’t be able to handle your case as it moves through the legal system. Working with one of our lawyers will increase the likelihood of recovering the maximum compensation for your injuries as possible. Below is a list of facts related to brain injuries:

  • 60 percent of all deaths related to the workplace are attributed to traumatic brain injuries
  • Each year, more than 2.8 million people across the country suffer from a brain injury
  • Close to 14 percent of all injuries associated with the brain can be attributed to workplace accidents
  • Half of all the brain injuries that occur in the workplace are caused by falls
  • Close to 90 percent of non-fatal workplace injuries are caused by concussions

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The minute you are injured on the job you need to speak with an experienced attorney about the incident. Make sure the accident and injury are reported to your employer before doing anything else. This will make it easier to apply for and receive workers’ compensation benefits. The case can move further by exploring a claim against your employer or anyone else who might have been at-fault for the accident that led to your injuries. The next step is to speak with an experienced Chula Vista work-related brain injury attorney about the accident that led to your injuries. The team at Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP is here to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction as you seek compensation for your injuries.

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