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Accidents are common on construction jobs but, although you may be aware that you are entitled to seek compensation after a workplace injury, did you know that you must do so within a very strict time limit?Once the statute of limitations has expired –normally after one year from the date of your construction accident – so too will your eligibility to claim workers compensation benefits, or file a lawsuit against your employer. With over 50 years of combined experience as Chula Vista construction accident attorneys, Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP lawyers can identify the cause of your injuries, making sure that the responsible person or party is held accountable for their actions.

The Truth About Chula Vista, California, Construction Accidents

Although increasingly stricter laws relating to workplace safety and, in particular, safety on construction sites, has been introduced in recent years, thousands of workers are seriously injured, or even killed, while doing their jobs each year. Our Chula Vista construction accident attorneys have a proven track record of successfully representing clients who have been injured at work, and with the number of reported accidents continually increasing, our experience is certain to grow even more. Our legal experts are ready and waiting to put this expertise to work for you.

If you like to know as much as possible about facts and statistics, your Chula Vista construction accident attorney believes these will give you the information you require:

  • California remains below the national average for workplace fatalities, although there have been some concerningly large increases in reported accidents
  • Construction-related deaths across California increased by 34% between 2014 and 2015, while agricultural fatalities doubled over the same period
  • Workplace injuries cover illnesses sustained due to working conditions too, and it has been estimated that around 50,000 people in the United States die from occupational diseases annually

Although construction accidents can take many forms, there are some definite common types, which our lawyers regularly encounter. These include:

  • Falls
  • Improper use of equipment or machinery
  • Poorly maintained equipment or machinery
  • Accidents while using powered and non-powered hand tools
  • Defective machinery or equipment components
  • Crushing, or becoming caught on equipment
  • Car, truck, and other vehicle-related accidents
  • Injuries inflicted by falling objects

When you choose to hire a Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP Chula Vista construction accident attorney to represent you, you can rest assured that you and your case are in the best possible hands. When we harness the full extent of our legal knowledge and expertise into building a strong case on your behalf, you can take the time you need to recover from your injuries, rather than suffering the additional stress associated with representing yourself.

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If you have sustained injuries in a construction accident, you could benefit from the guidance and support of an Chula Vista attorney. Our expert attorneys regularly recover maximum compensation for injured workers employed across a variety of roles and industries, including:

  • Iron workers
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Sheet metal grinders
  • Drivers
  • Laborers

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