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While one doesn’t anticipate a fall to cause horrific injuries, the truth is that some of the most serious personal case injuries are due to slip and fall accidents. Thousands of people are injured each year in California when they slip and fall on dangerous surfaces or trip and fall over objects. These types of injuries occur in a variety of ways in homes and in businesses and in public and private places, inside and outdoors. The fallout of slip and fall accidents can result in devastating injuries such as damage to the spine or traumatic brain damage. If the right conditions are present, a slip and fall can result in loss of life.

Although some falls are simply accidental and unavoidable, if someone else causes your slip and fall accident, then you have the grounds for a slip and fall accident claim. Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP has a legal team comprised of knowledgeable and experienced Chula Vista slip and fall attorneys who have a history of making those responsible for these serious slip and fall injuries accountable, getting accident victims the compensation they are entitled to based on the severity of their injuries.

Who is Liable in Slip and Fall Accidents?

Assigning liability in a slip and fall claim can be difficult since there are oftentimes many factors to take into account and more than one potential at-fault party to look at. A positive outcome of a slip and fall claim is based for the most part on proving that negligence resulted in the injury. The owner of the property where the fall occurred, for example, must be shown to have either created the condition that led to the slip and fall or allowed circumstances to exist that should have been corrected, leading to the injured sustained.

Property owners or landlords of rented properties have a duty to keep their properties safe and must use reasonable care in maintaining properties. It must be shown that the person responsible for maintenance or inspection of the property failed in their duties, even though they knew that a repair was needed and was given a reasonable amount of time to make the repair. At the minimum, the responsible party has a duty to warn others of the possible danger that exists, so as to eliminate injuries.

Slip and falls occurring on government-owned or government-controlled properties are a bit more difficult to litigate than those occurring elsewhere. There are complicated rules on bringing suit against a government entity, and there are many statutory laws that complicate the process of filing a claim. Still, Uncle Sam can be held to account if someone working under government authority fails to keep the public safe.

Consulting With a Chula Vista Slip-and-Fall Attorney

Hiden, Rott & Oertle have built a reputation as champions for accident victims, including many clients who suffered slip and fall injuries. Consult with our Chula Vista slip and fall attorney to discuss the merits of your slip and fall case and determine the best way to approach the claims process.

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