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Why disfiguring injuries are so expensive for the people affected

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Disfiguring injuries happen in all kinds of ways. Fires and chemicals exposure can lead to permanent scarring. Violent assaults and machinery malfunctions can also lead to injuries that permanently alter someone’s appearance.

Although some people are dismissive of disfiguring injuries, they can have a profound impact on an individual’s sense of self and opportunities in life. Disfiguring injuries can actually be some of the most expensive injuries that people experience in a work incident or car crash.

They require extensive medical care

Disfiguring injuries often require intervention from highly-skilled plastic surgeons and other specialized medical professionals. The operations that someone has to undergo to address physical trauma and improve their appearance can carry shocking price tags in some cases and may require many hours of surgical care, to say nothing of the recovery afterward.

Ongoing pain management may be a consideration in some cases. Additionally, there are often mental health consequences when someone has a disfiguring injury. The care that they need to adjust to the changes in their life caused by their injuries could add up to thousands of dollars in addition to their physical care requirements.

They will likely lose earning potential

It is sadly common for disfiguring injuries to alter an individual’s social interactions in a drastic manner. It may be hard for some people to keep their jobs after suffering a disfiguring injury, and those who keep their employment will often know a drop in income or an end to their upward mobility at the company that employs them. Researchers estimate that those with disfiguring injuries will experience a roughly 10 to 15% drop in their income after their change in appearance.

Those who have been left severely injured or disfigured by a car crash or work accident generally need to look into all of their options for compensation for both medical expenses and lost wages. Learning more about the rules that apply to personal injury claims and the types of compensation available to victims by speaking with a legal professional can potentially benefit those who are struggling with the consequences of a major injury.