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Workplace brain injuries and the challenge of complete healing

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Workplace Injury |

Many workplace injuries will heal with time and proper treatment, but brain injuries don’t always fall into this category. If you suffered a brain injury on the job, achieving full healing can be something of a challenge. It is not always possible, even with high-end medical care from the best professionals in the industry today.

The problem is simply that the brain lacks some of the healing tools that the rest of your body already has. One of the main ways that your body heals damaged tissue is by allowing the remaining cells to replicate. Your body can then create new cells to use as it reforms this tissue. This can sometimes lead to scarring and other issues, so it is not perfect, but people can often make a full recovery.

What does the brain lack?

What the brain lacks is that ability to replicate most of its neural cells. Human beings are simply born with a certain amount of neural cells (roughly 100 billion) and those that are lost are lost forever. If that loss also leads to serious symptoms or even a disability, those symptoms may not be overcome because the brain cannot just create new neural cells at will.

That doesn’t mean that no healing will happen. Often, your brain can be flexible and find different neural pathways. It can make connections and send electrical impulses along these different paths, so that some of your skills return, even if they may be altered or not quite the same as they were before. But there are also cases where there are no new neural pathways, and symptoms will last for life.

If you are facing these types of serious symptoms, be sure you know about your rights to get the compensation you deserve.