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What are the common causes of lost fingers?

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Personal Injury |

In virtually every vocation the hands and fingers play a pivotal role. In fact, these parts of the body are important for nearly every kind of daily activity. 

As a result, the consequences of injuries to the fingers can be devastating. The most serious type of finger is an amputation, where the finger is either partially or completely severed. Outlined below are some of the more common causes of finger amputations at work:

Using sharp implements 

Knives and other sharp instruments are used in various working environments. For instance, a chef will use knives to prepare meals for guests. Butchers use knives to prepare the meat products that get sent out to restaurants and personal residences. The knives of professionals in the food industry tend to be extremely sharp, meaning that one slip could result in an amputation injury. 

Heavy machinery 

In other sectors, heavy machinery is used to carry out tasks more efficiently. Sadly, this can come at a cost and there is little room for error when operating heavy machinery. If a safety guard is faulty or not present, the fingers can be exposed and severely injured.

Your options after a finger amputation 

Partial amputations can heal if the victim seeks urgent medical attention. Complete amputations are much more complex. In some cases, surgery can repair the damage but this isn’t always possible. In any case, you’re going to need time off of work to heal, which will cost you money on top of medical bills. 

The financial cost of a workplace accident is something you might be able to claim through workers’ compensation. Seeking legal guidance will give you a better idea of your options.