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What amputations are most common in workplace accidents?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2021 | Workplace Injury |

It’s common for new employees to be tentative in working around new machinery. More seasoned employees may feel so comfortable in using a piece of equipment that they don’t pay close to what they’re doing. Workers can end up being injured in both of these instances.

There are also experienced workers who give what they’re doing their undivided attention and still get hurt. Their employer might not have provided them with adequate training or protective equipment or maintained the machinery either. Amputations may result in such cases.

The amputation of some body parts is more common than others. The prognoses that amputees face are varied. There are an estimated 1.8 amputees in the U.S, according to WebMD. Workers most commonly amputate their fingers.  Feet, hands, legs and arms follow closely behind.

What determines the prognosis?

Most amputees spend two weeks in the hospital recuperating following their surgery. They can generally return home to continue their wound management and rehabilitation provided that an infection doesn’t set in during their hospitalization.

An amputee’s wound typically closes within two months of their operation. They may be able to receive a prosthesis at that point. Regaining functionality lost as a result of the amputation can take time after someone receives a prosthesis.

Amputees do, on occasion, experience phantom pain where their former limb existed. They may experience nerve and muscle pain as well. There’s always a concern of bone or skin issues emerging and infections resulting in tissue loss. These conditions may become deadly if left untreated.

You have rights if a workplace accident resulted in your amputation

Most California employers must carry workers’ compensation coverage. State laws require your employer to use that insurance to pay for your medical bills, lost wages and other accident-related expenses in most cases. If you’re having difficulty obtaining workers’ compensation, it may be wise to consult an experienced attorney.