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What problems can a traumatic brain injury cause?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2020 | Brain Injury |

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be one of the most serious of all workplace injuries. The effects can last a lifetime.

A TBI can occur when your head makes contact with something, or something makes contact with your head. Think of your brain as a computer that controls the rest of your body. If something hits that computer, things may not work as they did before.

There are three types of problems that a TBI can cause:

Physical problems

Physical problems refer to your ability to move around or do things. While many people regain mobility in less than a year, you do not always regain it fully. You may lack the strength, stamina or coordination you had before. All of this can affect your ability to work, enjoy leisure activities or take care of yourself.

Cognitive problems

Cognitive problems affect how you think. If you suffer a TBI, you may struggle to speak or to understand others. You may struggle to make decisions, solve problems, or to remember or process information. You may no longer be able to go about your life without someone there to look after you.

Emotional or behavioral problems

Emotional and behavioral problems are common as you struggle to cope with how your workplace accident has changed your life. You may feel frustrated that you can no longer do the things you could before. You may suffer intense mood swings. These things can affect your relationship with your family and friends. Emotional and behavioral problems may also be a direct result of damage to your brain tissue.

A traumatic brain injury can devastate your life. A strong legal team can investigate if your workplace accident could have been avoided and explore what actions you can take.