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Electric scooter safety tips

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2020 | Personal Injury |

They’re green. They’re purple. They’re pink. No, they’re not colors in a 5-year-old’s crayon box. They’re electric scooters and they’re all over San Diego. And more than likely, they’re here to stay.

What are some ways you can stay safe should you choose to ride an electric scooter? 

Wear a helmet

We know. We know. They don’t make you look “cool.” But they could save you from a serious brain injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly half of all scooter accidents involve head trauma. Attach a helmet to your backpack. Store a helmet at your office. Opt to wear one whenever you ride an electric scooter and encourage those you love to do the same.

Do not ride tandem

Scooters were designed for one rider, not two. Scooters were also NOT designed to have a child and an adult ride together. That’s simply not safe. Also, the majority of scooters have a weight limit of 220 pounds, so in most cases, when putting two people on a scooter, that weight limit will exceed the 220 pounds.

Do not drink and scoot

Number one, you can still very much get a DUI for this. And number two, you are endangering yourself and everyone else around you–pedestrians, cars, other scooters–if you get on a scooter intoxicated. Call an Uber, call a friend. If where you’re going isn’t too far and it’s a safe area, walk to your destination instead. But don’t drink and scoot.

Be aware of your surroundings

Is there a construction site nearby whose loose gravel bits have spilled onto the lane you’re in? Does your route have a gradual downhill slope, causing you to go even faster than you meant to? Is the lane you’re in soon to be closing up ahead? Be aware of your environment and things that could change your environment at all times. Remember, this isn’t a video game. You are operating a motorized vehicle.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a scooter accident we are always here to talk with you about legal options.