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Trucks On Local Roads Wreak Havoc

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |


Typically when you think of truck accidents you think of long stretches of highway or you think of isolated roads where truckers have fallen asleep behind the wheel. Typically highways and interstates are the places where you see long and large trucks the most, but trucks can be found anywhere. Trucks are used for both long and short deliveries. Short deliveries are those who drive trucks and deliver goods to local businesses. This means that truck drivers have to start and stop at every stop light just like everyone else. These truck drivers also have to navigate narrow roads which makes it difficult to drive. However, these drivers are professional and do their best to ensure the safety of everyone around them.

A Small Error Leads To Big Consequences

Unfortunately, when you are driving a large truck on a local road you are subject to dealing with small cars and trucks who may act in ways that are harder for you to drive. For example, when driving a big rig you need more time to slow down. Cars who cut in front of or brake unexpectedly make it harder for you to drive safely. However, if the truck driver is the one who stops abruptly or runs a stop sign then it can cause more havoc. It usually results in the ruck hitting multiple cars causing a multiple car pile up as well as multiple drivers hurt.

This was the situation for a truck driver was hit by oncoming traffic because he started moving forward through a red light. As the truck driver moved through the red light, he was hit by oncoming traffic. This caused the other car to spin out of control and eject the passenger from the car. The force of the impact caused the truck trailer to flip on its side. Thankfully the trailer did not crush any other vehicle or pedestrian. All drivers that were affected were checked to make sure that there were no serious injuries. Unfortunately, the passenger that was ejected from the car died on site. The passenger of the truck was injured but was not seriously injured.

What To Do

If you or someone you love was injured in a truck accident then you need to call our El Centro truck accident attorney at Hiden, Rott, and Oertle, LLP. We have a professional team of attorneys who are well versed in truck accidents. Our team of professionals has heard it all, From truck accidents caused by drunk drivers to small errors like running through a red light, we can ensure that you are represented by the best on our team. We know that any injury means that you are suffering. If you are suffering then you are not working. Bills add up and you deserve to be justly compensated for something that wasn’t your fault. Call at our office or click here to start a conversation with our El Centro Truck Accident Attorneys at Hiden, Rott, and Oertle, Attorneys at Law, today.