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If you or someone you love is experiencing some kind of neck or back pain then you need to start speaking up at work. Neck and back injuries aren’t the kind of injuries that will work themselves out. Our bodies are smart, though. If our backs are out alignment then our bodies will shift and move to avoid pain. Your shoulders may curve more and hunch more to protect your back from hurting. Maybe you lean on one side of your body more than your other. This may ease the pressure on your lower back. Maybe you head tilts more to one side to protect your neck from feeling pain. Our bodies do all sorts of things to protect themselves without us knowing. Sometimes those shifts are subtle while other times they are obvious. 


If you are dealing with neck or back injuries then you need to tell your employer as well as consult with a doctor. We all deal with stress differently, but if you are one to carry stress in your body then you may be dealing with aches and pains related to the stress of your job. By telling your employer that you are hurting, you can start to seek medical help under a worker’s compensation claim. Common injuries in the neck include stiffness, headaches, pain in shoulders or other parts of the body, difficulty sleeping, and limited mobility. Imagine being a construction worker who is unable to move your neck smoothly as you are working with heavy machinery and you need to look around to ensure that everyone is safe. What if you are a retail worker and your neck injury prevents you from helping customers? Your sales decrease and so does your commission.

Common back pains are similar to that of neck pains, but you may have more trouble walking and sleeping. In order to remedy these kinds of aches and pains, you may have to seek medical help as a doctor or chiropractor. Once you have seen a medical professional they may suggest massages, pain medication, acupuncture, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, or, worst case, surgery. All these remedies take time away from your job and money out of your pocket. Whatever avenue you try to help your situation be sure it is the one you medical profession offered to you. This is important if you want to have a successful worker’s compensation claim.

Another way to a successful worker’s compensation claim is to hire a San Diego neck and back injury attorney at Hiden, Rott, and Oertle, LLP. We specialize in this kind of injury because we know how life-changing it can be when you can’t use your neck or back at 100% mobility. We are here to advocate for your case and ensure that you are getting the compensation you deserve to get you back to health. Call at our office or click here to start a conversation with our professionals today.