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What Are California’s Most Dangerous Jobs?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2018 | Workplace Injury |


When a list of the most dangerous jobs in California was put out earlier this year, we bet some people were surprised by the results. On average more than 350 workers die each year in this state, but as the article points out, the deaths occur across a relatively small number of industries and occupations.

California has some of the toughest regulations on employers in the country. Cal/OSHA often has tougher penalties that the federal OSHA, which is a good thing for workers in the state. However, we know that there are more injuries and fatalities than necessary, many of which can be easily prevented.

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So Many Dangers

We want to go over the most dangerous industries in California, judged by how many fatalities occur per 100,000 workers in the occupation.

  • Logging workers
  • Aircraft pilots
  • Truck drivers
  • Construction workers
  • Taxi drivers
  • Welders
  • Ground maintenance and tree trimmers
  • Construction forepersons
  • Building painters
  • Farmworkers
  • Police officers

All of those industries pose risks that many workers simply do not face on a daily basis, but we also want you to be aware that people can get injured at work regardless of what kind of job it is. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2.8 million workplace injuries or illnesses across the country last year.

Workplace injuries often occur because employers do not take the steps necessary to keep their workers safe. They should always provide appropriate safety training, especially in more hazardous industries. They also need to ensure that all workers have the protective equipment they need for all jobs that put them around hazardous materials or chemicals.

When an employer fails to take these preventative steps, they expose their workers to hazardous situations. Often, workplace illnesses do not manifest until after years of prolonged exposure to toxins.

What You Can Do Now

If you or a loved one are injured in a work accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, seek legal assistance as soon as possible. While workers compensation insurance is supposed to be there for you if you get hurt, there are times when claims are denied. Some people even lose their jobs for reporting an injury.

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