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We all know that there is a chance we could get hurt at work but at least we know that workers’ compensation insurance is going to cover us. Unfortunately, there are times when a work injury is so severe that it can alter our lives. That is the case with traumatic brain injuries, which can change everything. 

Traumatic brain injury numbers are staggering:

  • 2.2 million ER visits
  • 280,000 hospitalizations
  • 50,000 deaths

Now, those numbers are not just from work, but from all activities. However, these injuries at work are almost always preventable and cause by some form of negligence, whether on the part of a coworker or on the company itself. At Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP, we want to talk about how TBIs are preventable and what you can do if you sustain one at work. When you need a El Centro work-related brain injury attorney, call us today.


A study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine gives us some facts that should not be taken lightly. They come from a study conducted over a multiple-year period:

  • TBIs account for 22% of work-related injury fatalities and 46% of work-related fatal falls in the studies period.
  • Almost 20% of work-related injuries involved a TBI.
  • Some of the top causes of work-related TBIs included motor vehicle crashes and falls.

There are levels of traumatic brain injuries. The more mild form is what we commonly call a concussion. The symptoms from a concussion usually go away once the injury has healed, but many people do not get proper treatment after receiving a concussion and return to work too quickly. This can cause the problems to get worse, especially if another head injury is sustained before the previous one can heal.

Major TBIs often result in workers suffering from permanent disabilities that require lifelong care.


The Occupational Safety and Heal Administration required employers to ensure that their works wear a protective helmet if there is a chance a head injury can occur. Federal regulations also require employers to keep all places of employment clean and orderly and in a sanitary condition.

The main goal is to prevent these injuries from occurring. If an employer does not follow federal and state guidelines, they should be held accountable for any injury that occurs due to their negligence.


If you or a loved one have sustained a head injury at work due to another person’s negligence, you need to seek a qualified attorney to help. We know that workers’ compensation should cover some of your expenses, but they may not cover them all or offer enough for an injury of this nature. Your claim may even be denied.

At Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP, we will work to secure compensation for all of your injury-related expenses. When you need a El Centro work-related brain injury attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling our office.