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When Farming and Other Occupational Hazards Lead to Vision and Hearing Loss

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2018 | Vision And Hearing Loss |


San Diego’s mild climate and rich soil create very productive agricultural conditions, which is why San Diego has a large farming community and a lot of farm workers. Farmers and farmhands enjoy certain aspects of their jobs including working outside, the satisfaction of being able to see the fruits of their labor, helping to provide food for people, and job security. A downside to the farming industry that you may not be aware of is that it sometimes leads to vision and/or hearing loss. If you have suffered hearing or vision loss due to a farming or other occupational injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact an San Diego vision and hearing loss attorney at Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP to discuss a possible workers’ compensation claim.

Causes of occupational hearing loss

Loud noises are typically the cause of occupational hearing loss including repetitive loud noises or a single loud noise that causes injury such as an explosion. See below for occupations that are known to frequently result in hearing loss:

  • Farming – Loud farming vehicles, equipment, and livestock noise can cause hearing loss.
  • Military – Our service members sometimes suffer hearing loss due to loud gunfire and military equipment.
  • Construction – Loud construction equipment such as jackhammers and electric saws wreak havoc on construction workers’ hearing.
  • Manufacturing – Factory workers often endure hours of injury causing machinery noise a day.
  • Emergency responders – They are exposed to loud sirens in their emergency vehicles on a regular basis.
  • Flight crew – Airplanes are loud, especially during takeoff, and flight crews are exposed to this noise every time they work.

Causes of occupational vision loss

Exposure to bright lights, chemicals, eye injuries, and head injuries are all known causes of vision loss. See below for some of the most common occupations related to vision loss:

  • Farming – Constant exposure to sun, dirt, dust, and wind can cause eye injuries and eye conditions to develop that lead to vision loss.
  • Metal fabricators – Cutting and grinding metal puts an employee’s eyes at risk of injury.
  • Welders – Welders’ eyes are exposed to high heat and bright lights that can damage their eyes.
  • Electricians – Electricians are subject to potential electrical burns, which sometimes cause ocular (eye) burns.
  • Computer jobs – Any job where you spend a large part of your day staring at a computer has the potential for vision loss due to Chronic Vision Syndrome.
  • Construction – Sun exposure and injuries to the eye due to dust and particles getting in the eyes or injuries from equipment such as staple guns or nail guns can cause vision loss.

Did your employer protect you?

Did your employer offer or recommend goggles, glasses, ear protection, or other safety protections for your hearing and vision? Did you use these protections and sustain hearing or vision loss anyway? If you have sustained vision and/or hearing loss, contact an San Diego vision and hearing loss attorney to schedule a consultation. Our workers’ compensation attorneys at Hiden, Rott & Oertle LLP are knowledgeable and experienced and they want to see that you receive compensation for injuries you have sustained on the job.