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Workplace Accident Severely Injures Worker

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2018 | Workplace Injury |

There is some level of danger in everything people do in their everyday lives. Someone could easily fall while walking down the steps or be involved in a car accident. However, workplace safety has long been a subject that has gotten much attention. In the case of a workplace accident, workers in California are likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. After a gruesome workplace accident, one man will likely need to look into the full benefits of this coverage to cover his expenses.

In late August, a fire department reports it responded to a call at an automotive supplier. Initial reports indicated that an accident involving a fork lift had amputated a man’s left foot. First responders soon discovered that the man had suffered a serious injury to his foot, although it had not been amputated.

While responders felt transportation by helicopter would be appropriate due to the severity of the man’s injuries, it was unavailable due to weather conditions. The incident will likely spark an investigation by the state’s division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The purpose of their investigation is to determine its cause including any violations that may have led to it and to provide assistance on preventing similar incidences in the future.

While the man is expected to survive from his injuries, his recovery process will likely be lengthy. It is possible that he may never gain full function of his foot. Due to the workers’ compensation benefits required by states such as California, he is likely entitled to help with any bills or lost wages that result from the workplace accident. Some people facing similar circumstance find it useful to seek assistance in obtaining such compensation in order to ensure they receive the full amount to which they are entitled.