In 2016, San Diego had the seventh highest number of pedestrian deaths out of all counties in the United States. Pedestrian and car accidents in San Diego mostly occur at what locals refer to as the “fatal fifteen” intersections, the vast majority of which are located in downtown San Diego and emerging urban neighborhoods. 

Decisions focused on making San Diego safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, commuters, and car drivers have long been announced by local officials and lawmakers, but has there been any progress whatsoever? Our knowledgeable San Diego car accident attorney from Hiden, Rott & Oertle , LLP, says that so far, San Diego’s plans to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents, injuries, and deaths, seem quite ambitious.

In fact, city officials have even announced that they started working with safety advocate groups to eliminate all traffic deaths by 2025.


As part of their ambitious plan to eliminate all traffic deaths in San Diego, city officials have improved basic safety conditions at eight of the “fatal fifteen” intersection in the city.

These safety measures include but are not limited to making crosswalks more visible, as well as introducing audible crossing signals and countdown signals. “Obviously, it will take much more than that to eliminate all car accidents in San Diego,” says our experienced car accident attorney in San Diego.

That is why city officials have come up with the so-called “Vision Zero” strategy that aims to eliminate all severe injuries in motor vehicle accidents and traffic deaths in the foreseeable future. Safety groups and government entities have teamed up to make the strategy happen.

At this point, it is unclear how city officials are planning to achieve their ultimate goal, which is eliminating all preventable traffic fatalities by 2025, but Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s proposed budget for the fiscal year 2019 outlines $18 million in spending on projects to support the Vision Zero strategy.


It will take many years to make all the necessary changes and improve all safety measures as part of the Vision Zero campaign, which is why our San Diego car accident attorney says it is recommended that you avoid the city’s fatal fifteen intersections as much as possible:

  1. University Ave. & 52nd St., City Heights
  2. 6th Ave. & Broadway, Downtown
  3. El Cajon Blvd. & 36th St., North Park
  4. 4th Ave. & B St., Downtown
  5. Coronado Ave. & Thermal Ave., Nestor/Egger Highlands
  6. 5th Ave. & B St., Downtown
  7. Euclid Ave. & Naranja St., Encanto
  8. Broadway & 5th Ave., Downtown
  9. 10th Ave. & A St., Downtown
  10. 4th Ave. & Market St., Downtown
  11. Front St. & Ash St., Downtown
  12. University Ave. & 4th Ave., Hillcrest
  13. 11th Ave. & Broadway, Downtown
  14. Market St. & 6th Ave., Downtown
  15. El Cajon Blvd. & 33rd St., Normal Heights

While it may not be possible to avoid these dangerous intersections in San Diego altogether, do make sure that you exercise extra caution when riding through these intersections.

Keep in mind that just because your car accident occurred at any of the above-mentioned intersections, it does not necessarily mean that it will be easy to recover damages for your injuries. Proving fault in a car accident can be rather tricky, especially when you are not represented by a skilled lawyer.

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