In the United States, a pedestrian is injured every 7 minutes according to the estimations by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And while we constantly hear stories of our friends, family members, or strangers getting hit by a car, we rarely think that this could happen to us. 

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents do happen, and they can occur even when you take all safety precautions, abide by traffic laws, and always cross the street or intersection with extra caution. Our knowledgeable San Diego pedestrian accident attorney from Hiden, Rott & Oertle , LLP, has found out that certain groups in our society are most at risk for pedestrian accidents.

If you commute to work every morning and evening, it is essential that you get familiar with the following analysis. Not only will you find out who is most at risk for pedestrian accidents in California, but will also know the times and places with the highest risk of this type of accident.


Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians are more likely to result in fatalities and severe injuries compared to accidents involving no pedestrians because a pedestrian’s body is fully exposed to the impact. “And while being a pedestrian makes you the most vulnerable party in a road traffic crash by itself, pedestrian accidents tend to disproportionately affect the most vulnerable groups in society, children and the elderly,” says our experienced pedestrian accident attorney in San Diego.

Statistics show that children and the elderly are more likely to get hit by carsin San Diego, Palm Springs, and elsewhere in California. More precisely, young children between the ages of 5 and 9 are most at risk for pedestrian accidents. Interestingly, boys are at a much higher risk than girls in this particular age groups (5 to 9). It is more difficult for motorists to see children even when they are crossing the street, as they are smaller in size compared to adults and their entire body is often obstructed by parked cars.

Elderly people are also the most vulnerable group in society when it comes to getting into a pedestrian accident. What is more, not only are elderly people at higher risk for pedestrian accidents, but they are also more likely to get seriously injured or killed when hit by a vehicle.


Now that we have established that children between the ages of 5 and 9 and the elderly are the most vulnerable groups when it comes to pedestrian accidents, let’s outline what times and places are particularly dangerous.

Our San Diego pedestrian accident attorney explains that sometimes and locations in California are particularly dangerous, and knowing them is very important to every commuter in order to avoid them as much as possible. The highest number of pedestrian accidents occur:

  • During the morning and evening rush hours;
  • During the period between 6pm and 9pm, when motorists – many of them drunk, tired, exhausted, and sleepy – are in a hurry to get home;
  • At night, especially fatal pedestrian accidents (road visibility is at its worst after dark, and the likelihood of encountering a drunk driver increases tenfold after 11pm).

Also, there is a sharp increase in the number of pedestrian accidents on weekends and some holidays such as New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. As for the locations where pedestrian accidents are more likely to occur, local and urban roads have the highest occurrence of these accidents. Crosswalks and intersections are also the hot spots, because there are more pedestrians in these areas than anywhere else, especially during the rush hours.

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