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On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2013 | Personal Injury |

Individuals who are simply performing the routine tasks of their everyday jobs rarely expect to suffer a severe injury. Often, these people are doing exactly what they are expected to do and unfortunate tragedy strikes. When an industrial accident happens in this manner, most employees or their dependents are covered by state-required workers’ compensation benefits. One family in California will likely need these benefits after the death of their loved one. 

The man died around noon in early October. He was working on the conveyor belt of an asphalt crusher when the accident occurred. According to reports, he became caught in the belt and pulled into the crusher.

Both the local sheriff’s department and California’s division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are investigating the incident. OSHA’s investigation could result in fines for the company if it finds health and safety standards were violated. Typically, the administration has up to six months to complete their investigation.

While the investigations may help prevent similar accidents in the future, the family of the deceased man is probably more concerned with their own grief. Oftentimes when a loved one is killed, grief is compounded by stress over financial well-being. As a result of the industrial accident, they will likely face funeral expenses on top of the loss of the man’s income. California’s workers’ compensation requirements likely extend to the man’s family in this circumstance; however, the laws surrounding such benefits are sometimes complicated and confusing. Many people have found seeking experienced help beneficial in securing adequate and efficient compensation.