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The Pain Of A Rotator Cuff Injury
December 15, 2018 by Michael Rott
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Torn Rotator Cuff Attorney

We know that there are many ways to get hurt at work, but the last thing you probably think about is getting an injury to your rotator cuff. Unfortunately, these injuries are more common than you think and can happen for a variety of reasons.

Motions that are repetitive, especially ones made overhead, are the main cause of these injuries. Where do many people perform repetitive overhead motions?

  • In the gym
  • Playing sports
  • And at work

At Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP, we know that any injury at work can set you back and jeopardize your financial livelihood. That is why we want to ensure that you are treated fairly and receive the compensation you deserve for an injury like this.

If you need a San Diego torn rotator cuff attorney, let us get to work for you today.

What Happens?

We know that these injuries are the second leading type of injury in the workplace, but we hardly ever hear about them. An actual rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that meet at the top of the humerus bone in our arm. It actually attaches the humerus to other parts of our shoulder. As the name says, it helps us rotate our arms so we can complete everyday activities.

  • As the article above says, “An injury to this area doesn’t have to be an explosive tear, rather it can be an accumulation of wear and tear over time.”
  • Rotator cuff tears can also happen in sudden traumatic events like falls or when lifting something heavy.

Regardless of whether an injury happens suddenly in an event that is clearly work-related or overtime, workers’ compensation should cover the expenses. Rotator cuff injuries, like other repetitive stress injuries, can be devastating to those who suffer from them but harder to pinpoint on workplace causes.

How To Fix It

Repair for a rotator cuff injury depends on the severity of it. For minor rotator cuff tears, rest, ice, and some physical therapy can lead to quick recovery.

For more severe rotator cuff injuries, the only way for a full recovery to happen may be through surgery. This can lead to incredibly high medical costs, especially when factoring in the necessary physical therapy for a full recovery.

What if workers’ compensation does not cover the injury?

What You Can Do Now

If you have torn your rotator cuff while performing your work duties, we know you will have many questions. Regardless of how serious the injury is, please seek medical assistance and notify your employer. If you have any trouble with workers’ compensation insurance of from your employer, you need to seek legal assistance.

At Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP, we know that these injuries can be debilitating. We will work to secure the compensation you deserve so you can get back on your feet. When you need a San Diego torn rotator cuff attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 619-630-0205.

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