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Video Game Law

Video games are a burgeoning form of interactive entertainment. According to recent studies, video games are now a $50 billion dollar a year industry. The success of the industry has lead to an onslaught of companies scrambling to make money in the video game arena.

Unfortunately, not all products are created equally. Some of these companies that make products for video games are cutting corners, falsely advertising their products and selling defective products.

Some recent lawsuits and legal issues that have concerned video game companies include:

  1. Wii remote strap breaking, causing damage to televisions
  2. Intercooler for the XBOX 360 not working properly, causing damage to the console
  3. XBOX ring of death
  4. Fire caused by a Nintendo DS and its AC adapter
  5. Glitches in a game that make the game unplayable in offline or online mode
  6. Defective Rock Band drum pedals, rendering the product unplayable
  7. Inclusion of undisclosed, secretly installed Digital Rights Management (DRM) software in relation to Spore Creature Creator and The Sims 2 Expansion pack Bon Voyage
  8. Price fixing of high end gaming cards by Nvidia and ATI

Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP is equipped to handle any legal issues that you might have regarding the video game industry.

We ourselves are video gamers. Our goal is not to harm the video game industry, but to help keep it honest and make sure that people are getting the games and products that they are paying for. Nothing hurts the gaming industry more than bad and harmful products that undermine an otherwise fun and exciting industry.

If you believe that you have a claim regarding a video game, video game console or any video game product, then please contact Eric M. Overholt, Esq., via email at: eoverholt@hrollp.com, David Hiden, Jr., Esq., via email at:dhiden@hrollp.com, or Michael Ian Rott, Esq., via email at:mrott@hrollp.com, or you can call us at 619-296-5884.

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