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Mass Torts

When it comes to Mass Tort Litigation, at HR&O, our lawyers have the experience necessary to mount a successful action anywhere in the country.

HR&O lawyers develop and pursue the best strategy for our clients to achieve substantial settlements and/or put an end to dangerous company practices, which cause significant injury and/or environmental damage.

At HR&O, we work closely with our clients in an effort to identify weaknesses with our opponent’s case. We employ state-of-the-art technology, and retain the best and most competent experts in the diverse fields associated with complex personal injury and property damage related to toxic torts, pharmaceutical cases, product liability, and large scale disasters, such as airplane crashes and chemical plant explosions.

Since founding our Firm, we have strived to achieve a level of preparation that can and has persuaded opposing lawyers to seek alternative means of dispute resolution, resulting in enormous settlements and quicker resolution.

If you have been caused significant injury to your person and/or your property has been damaged, please contact one of our lawyers at: 619-296-5884.

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