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Civil Litigation Attorney

The Civil Litigation Department of Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP (HR&O) handles all aspects of litigation, from the filing of lawsuits all the way through trial. In addition to representing Plaintiffs in lawsuits, HR&O attorneys also represent clients, and entities, in the defense of cases in which they have been sued.

Many times clients of HR&O have a viable case, or defense, only to discover that they don’t have the financial wherewithal to pay for all their legal services. If this is the case with you, HR&O will work with you to obtain a legal course of action which best suits your needs without driving you to financial insolvency. We will also work with you to reduce expenses such as expert witness, legal or other costs. Unlike other Firms who will charge you for attorney-client discussions, most telephone calls to your HR&O attorney are free, regardless of length or subject matter.

In addition to California State and Federal Courts, HR&O attorneys are licensed in many other states to protect the rights of their clients. Having represented thousands of cases in court, HR&O attorneys are uniquely positioned to handle the needs of your case. We have represented clients equally as both plaintiff and defense counsel across numerous practice areas, including personal injury, family law, class action, and real estate.

Another aspect in which HR&O can assist is with the use of ADR (Alternative dispute resolution). Given the high cost of trial, many cases can be effectively handled through the use of mediation, arbitration or other tactics which keep your legal fees low while protecting your rights. At the initial conference with your HR&O attorney, all aspects of furthering your interests, including the use of ADR, will be discussed with you, at no charge.

For information regarding a lawsuit, please visit our office, or contact David Hiden, Jr. at: 619-296-5884 or by email at: dhiden@hrollp.com. To speak in person, you can visit us at our San Diego or El Centro offices.

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