Debt Relief Lawyers

At Hiden, Rott & Oertle, LLP (HR&O) our attorneys have experience in all aspects of bankruptcy, including litigating adversary proceedings. Unlike other attorneys, who might tell you some debts are simply not dischargeable, at HR&O we are not afraid to take the extra steps to tackle tough issues like tax debt, HOA fees, or student loan debt.  We never assume that a debt cannot be discharged; instead we pride ourselves on being aggressive and thorough.

Our San Diego and El Centro lawyers work closely with clients advising them on sensitive financial matters and issues that will affect their overall financial health and future credit.  We take every case personally.  Not only do we do an individualized assessment of your financial situation in preparation for bankruptcy, we also go over the alternatives to bankruptcy in detail so that you are sure to make the right decision for you.  This is all done in the free consultation so you are able to think about your options before beginning any course of relief.

Bankruptcy or Debt Relief?

If you qualify, bankruptcy is an excellent choice for most clients to eliminate debt and get the fresh start everyone deserves. If you do not qualify, or in some cases even if you do, there are many other legal alternatives to help relieve you from your debt.  Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of debt relief and can advise you of your options outside of bankruptcy as well.